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The Detroit Catholic Forensic League and the National Catholic Forensic League both offer quality public speaking and debate competitions in locations around the Metro Detroit area (and the nation) that are sure to benefit your school, your students, and your coaches.



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According to the National Speech & Debate Association...

"Speech and debate changes lives. From building confidence, improving communication, and increasing critical thinking skills to better preparing students for college—speech and debate activities provide life skills vital to a young person’s success in the future.


Speech and debate activities focus on the four core zones of literacy: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Utilizing these skills inside and outside of the classroom teaches students the value of critical thinking, the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and ideas, to answer questions logically with clarity, and to think on one's feet. Additionally, students develop interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, assertiveness, and listening to peers. These important life skills empower youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and honorable leaders in our society."


According to the National Catholic Forensic League...

"Competing with students from all over the country exposes participants to a wide variety of styles and materials. The three judges in each of the ... rounds on Saturday will each provide written critiques of every performance, guaranteeing twelve or fifteen ballots from a diverse pool of judges. Students participating in the Grand National Tournament not only have the chance to see the best, they have the chance to be the best... in the nation!"



According to the National Catholic Forensic League...

"Attending the Grand National Tournament gives coaches a chance to see and learn from the best, as well as allowing their students to reach their fullest potential. The NCFL is an all-volunteer organization, run for coaches, by coaches. We offer a low-cost alternative to larger organizations that have paid staff and offices. We can also provide you with coach mentors because we are committed to the continued growth of forensics."



According to the National Speech & Debate Association...

"Schools that provide speech and debate programs report:

Increased attendance

Higher tests scores

Rise in college acceptance

Unique benefits for at-risk students

Reduced drop-out rates

Speech and debate prepares students for college, a career and their future."


According to the National Catholic Forensic League...

"The many trophies awarded to schools and leagues demonstrate our commitment to recognizing excellence. Beyond the hardware, a school participating in the NCFL will be a member of a prestigious national organization. Participation in a national competition and positive press releases are valuable in garnering community support for your school."

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